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Learning to Breathe

Learning to breathe in both directions can re-introduce an element of durability that has been unfortunately absent in recent responses to building code changes. 

Lucas Hamilton, Manager of Building Science Applications at CertainTeed / Saint-Gobain, will showcase how increasing cladding ventilation rates can significantly impact drying times towards the exterior when the right materials are used. Using research from Belgium on cladding ventilation rates and their influence on moisture transport, he'll show examples of walls working and not working. 

Lucas will also show how using proper “smart” vapor control to the interior can do the same in the interior direction. 

By the end of the session, you'll:

  • Know how the building code addresses heat, air, and moisture flow and how recent changes to the code could potentially reduce building durability

  • Be able to describe some of the properties of building materials that play an important role in moisture management

  • Explain the mechanisms of exterior cladding wetting, moisture storage, and drying

  • Know how insulated assemblies can help prevent wetting while promoting drying on the interior side of the wall while drained and vented claddings can do the same on the exterior.