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Finding the Building Maker

David Leslie, RWC


     The latest statistics indicate that water intrusion is the core issue for over 80% of litigation involving new construction building. This is mind-boggling when you consider that the entire purpose of constructing a building is to provide shelter by keeping the outside out and the inside in. Even more staggering is the fact that 90% of all intrusion – water, air and thermal – comes from less than 1% of the building surface. That 1% is comprised of terminations, transitions and penetrations where continuity is lost. When you consider the process of how buildings are constructed today, is it any wonder that a lack of continuity is the leading reason for leaky buildings?

     Let’s face it, our industry is broken. Design-Bid-Build (DBB), the predominant method of constructing new buildings, is inefficient and delivers a flawed product. By design, the DBB promotes compartmentalization, disjointed communication and conflict. We all know it and complain about it every day. And what do we do about it? We add more processes to the method that simply addresses the symptoms. How do we stop the insanity?

     The solution is the Building Maker, but who are they and how do we find them?


Learning objectives:

  1. Learn the 90%/1% principle through the prism of Design, Material and Installation to develop an understanding of why continuity is needed in the construction process to create continuity in the building

  2. Understand the process of Design-Bid-Build (DBB) as compared to the Power vs. Knowledge graph to uncover the root causes making continuity in the process virtually impossible

  3. Understand the concept of the Building Maker and gain insight into why the method can change our industry for the better

  4. Understand and investigate the stepping stones that can move our industry from leak-ridden legal quagmires of buildings produced with DBB, to the streamlined performance-based building delivered by a Building Maker