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Lucas Hamilton

     Lucas has been in and around construction his whole life. His passion for physics has led to a career focused on better understanding and improving upon our built environment. 

       As a physicist, Lucas takes a scientific perspective to all his work. In his 25+ years of experience, he has participated in the investigation, evaluation and repair of thousands of buildings of various construction types. 

      Lucas is also a leader in developing non-intrusive construction analysis equipment and techniques. He researches and develops construction materials, and is a practitioner of a variety of building performance simulation software. In fact, Lucas holds patents for moisture detection electronics as well as innovative adaptive building materials. 

      Lucas has a deep-seated reverence for both the contract between us, as people, and the one that we share with nature. Through this lens, he helps others build healthier, more productive, and more durable habitats. 

      Lucas is the Manager of Building Science Applications at CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain, based in the Philadelphia area. We look forward to his contributions at this year’s High Performance Building Conference.