The Big Disconnect – The Importance of Wall to Roof Connections for the Air Barrier  

Roy Schauffele, FCSI, CCPR, FABAA, LEED Green Assoc., CABS


     As more states, jurisdictions and the design community require air barriers, connecting the wall air barrier assembly to other building assemblies, such as below grade, window systems and roofs, need to be well understood to design and construct a functioning building enclosure.

     One of the most often missed or poorly executed detail is the connection between the wall air barrier and roof assembly.  With a myriad of roof systems, wall configurations and a growing number of wall air barrier products, it can be difficult to navigate the process to ensure system compatibility.

     During this presentation, you’ll learn about design considerations and practical approaches for ensuring a robust connection is constructed and executed.


Learning objectives:

1) Understand why the roof/wall air barrier intersection is critical to building performance – with a focus on moisture management, air leakage control and common design and field errors

2) Understand compatibility issues related to wall and roof air barrier components for the myriad air barrier and roofing assemblies that exist on the market

3) Identify pre-construction coordination items to review and allocation of responsibilities to sub-trades for proper execution of connection.